Monday, September 12, 2011

Collecting Friends

In my opinion, one of the necessities of a successful blog – a term that can be defined in myriad ways – is the stripping away of the invisible armor that is the impersonal nature of the internet. To you, aside from the tiny thumbnail on the right of the screen, I am nothing more than a ghost, a shade who occasionally reveals himself through disembodied text on your screen.

However, I believe there is a way for me to solve this. There is something that I believe is incredibly personal to every pipe-collector – his collection. Not only does a collection reveal the piper's personal interests and obsessions, but it also reveals the amount that he has spent and dedicated to his hobby. For some of the elite – and I do not use this term negatively – members of our ranks, such as Neill Archer Roan, the display of one's collection can be a physical reflection of his expertise and the breadth of his experience.

I am not saying that revealing parts of my collection will prove that I am an expert; far from it. I am, after all, still in Pipe School. However, I want to share it with you in the hopes that you will experience a little of the joy that my collection has brought me and perhaps understand further why I have such an obsession with pipes and tobacco.


Byron's Choice, by Savinelli

Straight Billiard with a Saddle Bit, by Dunhill (The same pipe Robert Downey, Jr. smokes as Sherlock Holmes)

Morta Bent Dublin, by Becker

Morta Rhodesian, by Becker

Custom Designed pipe, named "R'lyeh", carved by Stephen Downie

Rubens Rhodesian I, designed by Pease / di Piazza and carved by Radice

7-Day Set of Rubens Rhodesians, first and second generation

Writers' Series, by Peterson

Morta "Pot", by Trevor Talbert

Demon King meerschaum, by S. Yanik

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  1. Wow! Nice collection, Ethan. You've made a great start. You're a good writer - entertaining and thoughtful. I really enjoyed my first visit here to your blog.