Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

It is easy to have an overly verbose and overly dramatic post on Thanksgiving. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I will try to keep mine short and real -- no promises.

I am not a religious person, so I give thanks to the people in my life.

Obviously, I am thankful that my lady, Lauren, made the foolish decision to have me in her life and for the fact that she puts up with and loves me for my strange obsessions and behavior.

I am thankful for my family that understands me and encourages me. Love is not something to be taken for granted.

I am thankful for more things than I should trouble you all with.

Instead of continuing to enumerate all of that for which I am thankful, please allow me to make a wish for every one of you: cherish your family, not just on holidays, but everyday; cherish the loves in your life, be they people or pipes; do not let a day go by where you do not appreciate how wonderful it is to be alive, for life is far too short. I wish you all happiness.

On this day when we are, interestingly enough supposed to give thanks, we so often spend our time rushing to a store to pick up something we forgot, worrying about the turkey (though I am excited to worry at the turkey), complaining and arguing and stressing and bickering.

I certainly hope you all take a breath and kiss your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/any random person. Do not let those moments pass you by, for you never know when there won't be anymore.

I am also thankful for the entire pipe community in which I so often participate. You have all been supportive and fun and friendly and helpful. So, when I raise my pipe later tonight to exhale out my thanks with wisps of grey-blue smoke, I will have you all in my thoughts.


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  1. Great thoughts and a Happy Thankgiving to you and yours!