Monday, December 19, 2011

Smoke on the Water

I'm a college student. I'm not starving or living off of Ramen noodles every night -- not that there's anything wrong with that -- but I do have to be concerned about finances. I watch my spending on a lot of things, with a few exceptions, pipes and my lady friend being the top two expenditures.

Recently, however, I received information about an opportunity that made me tempted to forgo all other spending.

(Captain Richard Friedman)

Richard Friedman is one of the examples of a great pipester. He is knowledgeable, warm, giving of his time and energy, and a Renaissance Man. I feel that this last quality should be a requirement of pipesters, as we have embraced the notion that life is enhanced by a myriad different experiences and that knowledge relating to these experiences only serves to amplify their effect.

One of the many pleasure of life that Richard has devoted himself to, and perhaps the only passion of his that rivals his love of pipes, is yachting. In an attempt to combine those two passions, and to enhance the pleasure of other pipe smokers through friendship and experience, Richard has put together a Pipers' Cruise on Alaskan Song.

This is an incredible opportunity to meet other passionate pipers, enjoy fantastic food prepared by Nancy Friedman, and smoke a pipe on a yacht of phenomenal proportions. To make the pot even sweeter, master pipe artisan Tonni Nielsen will be on board!

(Artisan Tonni Nielsen)

For more information on this exciting expedition, check our Richard Friedman's website and Neill Archer Roan's experience.

Once you see the offer that is in front of you, you very well might be as tempted to put everything off for a little while as I am!

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